the Waters
White Waters Sports  

The 'Guil','Durance',or 'Ubaye' rivers mades of the Hautes-Alpes, one of the best European Site for White Waters Sports.
Big waves, spays ? No, you're not at sea but in the middle of the rapids.

Great feeling and emotions garanty...

Canyonning, Hydrospeed, Kayak, Canoé, Rafting...

Choose what ?
Since many years, an local association made of the wood river transport a new revival all along the 'Durance river'. The wood rafts gone from the mountain to the Mediterranean Sea.
Go on for a return to past, 200 years ago...
In one of the many rivers, lakes or torrents, try to fish a rainbow-trout.
Here, fishing is a real sport !
WindSurf, Sailing-Boat, Rowing... under the most important European artificial lake :
The 'Serre-Ponçon' lake

(at 15km)

The Water Pleasure
There is many lakes and leisure water parks in the 'Hautes-Alpes' as the leisure site of 'Eygliers-Montdauphin' at 5 km.
At the program : bronze on beach, kids water games, bath.
Take a break in the rush ?
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The Mountain
Great landscapes , walls, peaks, soft crest, snow and sun,

Multicolor flowers, Rare and protect species,

Wonderful eagle, Speedy Chamois , Herd ring bell,

Silence of the mountain, life in the valley, lost villages ,

Mountains offers to everybody his treasure of wellbeing :
pure air, feeling of an ascension, efforts or quiet moments.

Earth of contrast, of ligths, of smells, of sounds, alives traditions:
les Hautes-Alpes have to seduce.

Every village around organise cultural and sports animations all year : friendship, cool feeling, laugh and music...

Forest walk , Middle mountain trekking, High altitude with ice and snow, Via-Ferratas...
Alp's Giants :

'Izoard' pass 2361m (photo),

'Vars' pass 2111m,

'Galibier' pass 2647m,

'Lautaret' pass 2058m...

And others activities...

Horse, archery, tennis, sports competitions ...
King Bicycle !
Mytical stages of 'Le Tour de France' between the famous mountain passes, visiting every days by thousand amateurs cyclotourist. Many mountain passe are closed one or two days per weeks to traffic to keep the place to bikes !

Mountain Bike

many stages for all levels.


Between 'Provence' and 'Savoy', the 'Hautes-Alpes' have the benefit of an exceptional weather with rich animals and vegetals .
'Guillestre' is the border betwen two national parks : the 'Queyras' and 'Ecrins' Parks.
Nature garanty !

Here, life turn around the woods.
We saw it, we transport and work it with love.

Movables, houses and child games keep on this traditions.

Long church to the sky, little chapels between the 'mélézes' trees...

Ceillac Church

' It's time for a good life' :
sunny country, discover the solar-calendar and their maxims in old local language, latin or French.

More than the half of the 5500 French vegetals species live in the 'Hautes-Alpes' !

Orange Lys
St Véran, 2040 meters high, are the highest European Village with typical mountain houses.

Proud castle defending the valleys.

Eco-Museums ...

Edeilweiss flowers
The Winter

Between many valleys, 'Guillestre' is the nearest town of the White Domain of 'Vars and Risoul' ski resort.
The 'Queyras' familar ski resort are so near too...
You have to try each of ones ?

SnowBoard, Alpin ski, Skwal, SpeedSkiing, Snow-Shoe, Walks....
Wake up....
Go !
Running the ski tracks or walking in a quiet forest, discover the snowy mountain...
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The Air  
Aerial Sports  

The 'Hautes-Alpes' sky is alltime very, very blue.
The sunny mountains are surrounded by air jets...

This is the paradise for all the aerial sports!

Glider at 'St Crépin' (6 km from the hotel) or 'Tallard' (35 km from the hotel) and fly over 'Queyras country' or the wonderful 'Ecrins mountains'.
Parasail and Deltaplane from many sites and school-slopes all around.
Ascensional Parachute over the 'Serre-Ponçon' lake (15 km from the hotel)

Our Sky   
Day :

Pure air and safe of winds : the 'Hautes-Alpes' offers a legendary clear sky with a deep blue.

From the top of one of the mountain, come to discover a long, long look over the landscape...
Nigth :

The nigthy sky is one of the purest of Europe.
The 'Hautes-Alpes' are the rendez-vous of many astronomy amateurs.
Come for a walk at nigth with the head in the stars.

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